'MINERAL RIGHTS' is a series of sculptures that evolved out of the process working on the 'FUTURE LANDSCAPE' project. They share the same topic and a multitude of similar materials, but leave the two-dimensional space of the canvas to explore further possibilities of experimentation and storytelling in a three-dimensional space. The installations are taken down completely after an exhibition ends and the main building blocks are being stored until it is going to be rebuilt for another exhibition. Shape and look will slightly alter every time.
The title stems from the property rights a person or company can acquire in order to survey for and exploit natural resources from a parcel of land. 
Mineral Rights 4 - purpose and residues (1st iteration) - dimensions variable - 2023 
paraffin, bitumen, sulfur, expanded polystyrene, polycaprolacetone, axle stands, steel, lacquer, carton, paper,
PVA glue, pine wood, silicone
(this installation utilises materials excavated from or directly related to the Athabasca Oil Sands mining operations)
- part of the 'EARTH WORKS' series -
Mineral Rights 3 - outlet glacier  (1st iteration) - dimensions variable - 2023
wood, steel, acrylic paint, plaster of paris, polycaprolacetone, HDPE and led spotlight
(this installation is influenced by the push for the exploitation of natural resources in Greenland due to melting of the ice 
cap driven by climate change) 
- stand-alone piece -
Mineral Rights 2 - north sea oil drilling  (2nd iteration) - 180 x 110 x 50 cm - 2021
Hahnemühle FineArt Photo Rag, ink, charcoal, lacquer, wood, steel, foldback clips, colour foil, LED tube lights
(this installation is influenced by the position of offshore oil drilling rigs in the northern 
sea and the light pollution, as well as the greenhouse gas pollution, being emitted by their gas flaring )
- stand-alone piece -
Mineral Rights 1 - arctic refuge  (2nd iteration) - dimensions variable - 2019
bitumen, charcoal, silicone, steel, sluphur, plaster, wood, paper, acrylic, thermoplastic and HDPE
(this installation is influenced by the push for the exploitation of crude oil in the arctic)
- part of the 'High Arctic' series -
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